Audio Visual Case Study – Tilford Country Manor

Integrated Smart Home with Control 4 and Upgraded WiFi and Network Solution

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The Problem

Our client in Tilford has an extensive property with multiple outbuildings. They had ongoing issues with network connectivity and slow internet speed across the main house and the surrounding property. We needed to find a way to upgrade the Home Network and optimise the infrastructure to allow the client to use access his home internet effectively for work and recreation. The client was also struggling to manage all the devices and AV systems around the extensive grounds and home.

WiFi and Data
Infrastructure Upgrade
Although our client had the right cabling infrastructure but he did not have the right wired or wireless systems or configuration to allow him to use the internet with ease, or to use systems that rely upon the network like Sonos.

  • We replaced the existing router with a Draytek router which allowed us to configure multiple incoming internet connections. The property struggled with very low internet connections from different providers so we combined 3 connections and load balanced these to ensure that enough bandwidth was provisioned for the client and his wife and core systems;

  • We upgraded all existing network switches to Cisco switches

  • We deployed a Ruckus Wi-Fi system to provide coverage across the main house and the outbuildings. There was a ‘Folly’ at the end of the garden which needed coverage so we used a Ruckus P300 point-to-point kit to extend the house network to this area. The Ruckus P300 extenders can extend the network and maintain a bandwidth throughput of up 10 100MBps to a distance of 8km!

WiFi and Data image
Control4 and AV Upgrade
Control4 Smart Integration

  • We also took over the existing AV installation which was mainly Sonos based and introduced a Control4 system.

  • This gave the client control of all rooms from the Control4 app or the handheld Control4 SR260 remotes. By centralising control of all devices for sound, tv, lighting, security and temperature we made life much easier for our busy client.

  • We installed a new Media Room 7.1 surround sound system with a new 75” TV, Artison LCR Soundbar and then reused the clients existing Kef speakers for the rear and side channels. We introduced a Marantz AVR and a Velodyne subwoofer to complete the room and provide a superior sound experience.

  • We rewired the equipment racks to integrate the new equipment and introduce a remote access strategy which included a rack-based PC, Aten smart power bars and a Domotz Network Monitoring system. This allows us to monitor your system remotely so we can tackle any issues before they become problems.

  • We helped the client upgrade to Sky Q and integrated this with the Control4 system

Control4 and AV Upgrade image