How can I improve my WiFi and Data Connectivity?

The top enquiry we receive from our clients is how to improve their Wi-Fi and data connectivity within their homes.

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20/05/2020 | Katie Sparrevohn | Back to Blog
At Surrey AV Solutions we can resolve issues quickly and effectively for a huge impact on your home life.

We always need to be ‘connected’ and the demand on our WiFi and connectivity is at an all time high. Not only do we all own personal devices such as phones and tablets, now we also rely upon our networks to stream content, play music and video conferencing. Plus, the Internet of Things has brought multiple devices into our homes which require network connections such as doorbells, washing machines and tumble dryers!

At Surrey AV Solutions we have a 100% success rate for improving wired and wireless networks within clients’ homes. This is the first step of any Smart Home installation – the network is key as every other system relies upon this for its line of communication.

Our Product Approach
We have chosen a combination of products which we have used for over 10yrs with huge success. There are many different manufacturers in this market space, but we have chosen these three top brands that we feel create the best possible solution for clients. Our engineers are highly skilled and trained to configure these systems with consistency between installations.

A Draytek Router is installed either in place of or in addition to your existing ISP router. We choose Draytek routers as they are more reliable and offer a host of configuration possibilities which enable us to create various setups to suit the installation. We use business class routers which have built in firewalls to give your home protection from cyber threats.

If you have a wired infrastructure, we use Cisco network switches to provide connections for all equipment to the wired network.

We then use Ruckus Wireless Access Points to provide Wi-Fi network coverage across all floors and rooms within your property. You will not drop your connection as you roam the property. The access points form a mesh network which gives complete coverage to all areas. Some traditional properties may only have a single telephone point in the hallway – with Ruckus this does not matter as their unleashed access points require power only and can therefore be in the correct positions to gain complete coverage. We can therefore also help with listed buildings or even hotels and guest houses.
Our steps to helping a client struggling with their network
Step 1: Optimising your incoming WiFi Connection
• We complete an ISP Provider Address Check for the property. We assess what area the property lies in and how far it is from the local exchange. We review what services are available to that property for example ADSL only, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Virgin, Hyperoptic. We then document the anticipated minimum, maximum and guaranteed speeds from the different providers and make a recommendation as to which provider we believe to be best suited.

• We will then review who your current provider is and what the current speeds you are achieving when connected straight to their router. This is to ensure that there are no line faults and the speeds you are getting are in line with those advertised and guaranteed by them.

• At this point we will make a recommendation regarding your current ISP. This may be to remain with them but upgrade to a faster package. Or it may be that we need to contact them and report a fault and manage this process for you if you are not getting the speeds they promise. We are happy to speak as a nominated representative on your account to manage the fault-finding process as this removes the ability for them to blame the internal network unnecessarily.
Our steps to helping a client struggling with their network image
Step 2: Upgrading internal networking and internal cabling infrastructure

  • The second phase is then your internal networking and your internal cabling infrastructure. During an initial telephone enquiry, we will discuss with you whether you have a centralised data infrastructure or not. This means do you have data outlets and points throughout the rooms in your house that all cable back to one data cabinet or AV rack location. We will also ask if you have any floor plans for the property or we will check if these are freely available online.

  • We will then be able to give you a budget cost for upgrading your internal networks. If you do have cabling throughout the house, we might ask for a photo of your central equipment location where all the cables come to. This budget cost will be based upon our experience and the size of your property/floorplan.

  • If you receive the proposal and you are keen to explore this further we will then send a Sales Director to meet with you (at no cost) to check the cabling and the construction of the property to assess where the equipment could be located. We will then be able to firm up the proposal and if you would like to proceed, we would move to deposit stage.

  • The next step would be a survey by an engineer who would document the existing network, test any cables which need to be used and ensure that any associated systems like CCTV etc are known and documented.

  • We would then send the equipment stage payment invoice and once paid order all the equipment. This would be pre-configured off site and setup ready for your network with your chosen Wi-Fi network names and passwords.

  • We would then organise a date to install and our typical on-site installations take 1 day to deploy. We would complete the installation and then thoroughly test all associated systems to ensure everything is working and all devices are on the new network.