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The smarter your security systems, the safer your family. Surrey AV Solutions install advanced CCTV systems for interior and exterior coverage of your property.

CCTV images are fed to the touch screen panel or TV of your choice, and accessible on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Motion sensors send trigger alerts to your PC or phone in the event of an alarm. We can install door entry systems from Control4 or BPT which integrate flawlessly with your smart home automation system, and panic room security systems ensure that you can still communicate with the outside world, even when you’re in lock down.

Make your home safer with the prestige home security specialists. Call Surrey AV Solutions on 0203 819 7000.

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We use a systems from a company called Lilin for all of our CCTV installations. Lilin was established in Taiwan in 1980 and it is now one of the worlds leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment.

Lilin offers the perfect solution for unlimited applications. They provide the IP Video solution and traditional analogue solution for any requirement, within any industry. With over 30 years experience in Research and Development they continuously strive to produce new products for customers around the world – the quality of their products has been tried and tested by many blue chip companies.

One true benefit of Lilin to our company is their native integration with Control4 and Crestron. This enables us to fully integrate a CCTV solution with the overall control system allowing you to access the footage either remotely when you are not at the property, or through the TV’s and touch panels when you are in residence.

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BPT Entry Systems

We use BPT for the majority of our residential intercom solutions, either for single residences or for multiple development units. BPT external intercom panels are widely recognised across Surrey and are chosen due to their appearance and also the fact that they are incredibly stable systems.

The added benefit with BPT is that it integrates perfectly with Crestron therefore if you are considering a Crestron AV system for your property then BPT is an ideal partner for gate control or for external door stations. The BPT XIP system was developed between Crestron & BPT and it allows the images from the BPT door station to appear on any Crestron touch panels throughout the property.

The BPT XIP system also allows you to answer the door from any smart device within the property such as an iPad and iPhone which is connected to the local network. There are other features such as paging and porter access which can also be built into the system.

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Control4 Door Entry

Control4 have a number of system components which allow you to communicate more efficiently within the home and with guests visiting your home. Control4 have an external door station solution which works as a whole house intercom system. The external door station has full-motion video and high-quality audio intercom for crystal-clear communication. Combine this with in-wall or portable touchscreens and you have a whole house solution enabling you to see who is at the door and communicate with them clearly. We can also integrate door latch mechanisms to allow you to answer the door or external gates.

We can configure these external door stations to take camera snapshots when the keypad is activated and these images can be sent to your mobile device.

Control4 also integrates with a range of Yale Smart locks so these can be added to your system and integrated so that you have alerts when your children get home for example. Or when you enter your PIN code for the lock, your favourite radio station starts to play.

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Lilin - CCTV Solutions

Factory tour of the Lilin facilities in Taiwan

Contact us for a free consultation and bespoke proposal for your Surrey CCTV system. We can advise on placement, get additional cables into position if required, and provide you with seamless access to the live footage and historic recordings. We can also offer you a maintenance proposal so that your system is always optimised and calibrated to its best and we are on hand to retrieve footage if required at any time.
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