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A Clever Home

Our Surrey Smart Home Control installations can integrate every room and practically every piece of technology within those rooms to create a home that’s safer, easier to control, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Yet the ability for technology to work together is only part of the smart home story. To be truly smart, your home needs to work perfectly for you, your family and your lifestyle.

At present we are seeing a surge in the technology that we have within our homes. We are seeing a move towards streaming content from online devices such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire. We have individual apps available for all of these AV components within our homes which can lead to confusion and can also be time consuming.

Ask Surrey AV Solutions to develop your Surrey smart home and we’ll work with you to explore your needs and find the smart home system that’s perfect for you and your budget. We will streamline all of these apps and individual components into a single control system for you. That could be the all-powerful Crestron. It could be the brilliantly efficient Control 4.

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