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Welcome to Bowers & Wilkins

We have been Bowers & Wilkins Custom Install Dealers providing services across Surrey since 2008.

B&W have such a wide product portfolio that there is a solution for all residential projects. They have solutions for in-wall, in-ceiling, floor-standing and theatre applications in addition to their well know range of headphones and Bluetooth audio portable speaker solutions.

Please contact us if you have any queries in regards to Bowers & Wilkins.

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Custom Installation - In-wall & In-ceiling speakers

For some people, the mere sight of a speaker, no matter how well designed, is enough to cause palpitations.

It is for precisely this clientele that Bowers & Wilkins have pursued the notion of custom installation loudspeakers, which can be carefully hidden into walls or ceilings and, where necessary, disguised to be as hard-to-detect as possible.

B&W have four independent ranges in the custom install series. The CI 800 brings the performance levels and technology associated with our 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers to CI for the first time. CI 700 is all about pristine audio, while taking up minimal space. CI 600 sound amazing, too, but are more affordable, while CI 300 delivers high-performance audio to those hard to reach places. The Weatherproof range allows you to take your music outdoors, into the sauna, or even onto the sea.

The CWM series are in-wall speakers whilst the CCM are in-ceiling. They have also just launched the CCM663RD in-ceiling speakers which has a reduced depth for situations where the ceiling void is not large enough for a standard depth speaker. With such a vast range of products there is a solution for all projects.

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Floor Standing Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins have two range of floor standing speakers available for us to specify – the CM Series and the 600 Series.

From hi-fi stereo to home cinema from the largest to the smallest rooms – you’ll find CM Series speakers to suit. With multiple stand-mount, floor-stander and centre speaker options and a sub-woofer. CM Series cabinets use high-quality materials such as real wood veneers, with concealed screw fixings for a stunning, clean design. But these features aren’t just for show: solid cabinet construction and unbroken surfaces help limit distortion.

The 600 Series are the entry level range from Bowers & Wilkins. Combining audio performance, power and price, the 600 Series blends technology from high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers with engineering solutions unique to the range, to bring the best in audio to everyone.

You can select five speakers from either of these ranges and create a 5.1 surround sound system for your home cinema or media room. Coupled with a Rotel power amplifier and surround sound processor or AV receiver this will provide you with a very high quality surround sound solution for your dedicated TV room.

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Custom Theatre

There are home theatre systems, and then there is Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theatre. The most realistic, authentic movie theatre sound that is possible in your home.

If you’re serious about home cinema, you’ll need a seriously good cinema sound system. It doesn’t get any better than Custom Theatre from Bowers & Wilkins. Drawing from their most advanced technologies, the Custom Theatre ranges are designed with one aim in mind: to lift you out of your seat and throw you into the heart of the action. Both the CT 800 and CT 700 ranges deliver movie sound like you’ve only heard in your wildest dreams. It’s the authentic private cinema experience in your own home.

Popcorn not included.

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A movie is not complete without the added bass provided by the subwoofer. In order to get serious bass, you need a seriously powerful subwoofer.

Bowers & Wilkins have freestanding subwoofer options and also in-wall options. The freestanding subwoofer options range from the ASW608 right through to the iconic PV1D subwoofer. There is a solution for all price points.

The in-wall options are the ISW-3 and ISW-4. These models offer an elegant method of providing full range sound in a custom installation. High-performance audio meets flexible mounting options to create deep bass… anywhere. If you are using in-wall subwoofers you will also need a SA250 Mk2 subwoofer amplifier which is specifically designed for use with these specific subwoofers.


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Exceptional Sound. No Exceptions!

Rotel are a fifty-year-old high performance audio/video manufacturer of receivers, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, CD players, tuners and multi-zone electronics for Hi-Fi and home theatre.

Bowers & Wilkins are the exclusive distributor of all Rotel equipment world wide and the two companies work closely together to share their strong belief in producing world class audio products to the highest standard and maintaining an exclusive but committed network of specialist hi fi dealers around the world.


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The making of an 800 Series Diamond speaker
In 1979 B&W redefined what is possible in sound reproduction with the very first 800 Series speaker -- the Matrix 800. In 1998, they re-wrote the rule-book all over again with the Nautilus 800 Series. But they didn't stop there. They continued to refine and experiment, and now they have raised the benchmark again. The 800 Series Diamond harnesses the unique properties of diamond throughout the range, producing a sound of unheard-of accuracy and realism. This is the first time this extraordinary and time-consuming process of creating an 800 Series speaker has been captured on film in its entirety. From the formation of the outer shell of the cabinet, through the painstaking painting and polishing process, right up to the final test that makes sure the loudspeaker meets their -- and their customers' -- exacting standards, each stage is carefully monitored, and consistently applied.
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