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How can we help you?

As a company we have been working in the Residential AV sector since 2006. We have delivered hundreds of projects in this time and we therefore have in-depth knowledge and experience in the AV industry.

We are often asked to provide consultancy and a design/build service in terms of an AV or integrated smart home system for a property. We work closely with you initially to develop a client brief and to understand the requirements of your family. We can then either provide a standalone consultancy package, or consultancy as part of a full complete design/build/commission package for the whole project.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and we will tailor a proposal to suit your specific needs.

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Standalone Consultancy Package

We understand that in some circumstances a large project is subject to a tender process, where there may be many associated parties such as M&E Consultants, Main Contractors, Client’s Representatives and sometimes others.

There is often an amount of preliminary design work which is required prior to the release of the tender package and we have experience in working with consultants to define a clients requirements and create a proposal which fits with their budget requirements. We are then often appointed as nominated subcontractors for that project and we become part of the tender process, supplying our proposal to tendering contractors.

In some circumstances we will offer this as a complimentary service, depending upon the size of the project and the amount of information that is required at tender stage.

If a full design package is required with cabling plans, schematics, elevations and detailed equipment specifications then we can provide you with a cost proposal for such works.

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Complete Design, Build, Commission Package

When we are preparing a proposal we always allow a sum for design and consultancy within our documents. Should you wish to proceed and work with us on your project then this allowance covers the following services:

  • Once the specification is agreed and signed off we will prepare a detailed design package for the project with AV floor plans, cable schematics, connection schedules, IP Tables and equipment specification sheets. These will be given to the design team, main contractor and subsequently the electrician in order for all first fix cables to be put into place.
  • We also allow for our attendance at site meetings when required and also for liaising with the main contractor and the electricians for the duration of the project.
  • We will carry out a physical cable verification visit ocne first fix is complete to ensure the cables are in the correct locations and tested before the walls and ceilings are closed.
  • We will also provide you with an O&M Manual upon completion of the works and on-site training for your key staff.
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